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Baksara Home


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With a capacity of

38 girls and 28 boys

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6 staffs


Baksara Home, located in Howrah in Baksara village, welcomes boys and girls from 10 to 18. The children are destitute and some have minor disabilities. The specificity of the Baksara Hostel is that it welcomes children who speak and study Hindi rather than Bengali.  Children from class V to VII go to our HSP Baksara school, located in the same precinct. The children from class IX and X go to outside public Hindi schools.

Baksara hostel has two precincts facing each other. One is hosting a tall building for the girls with the dining hall on the ground floor and two floors with rooms for the girls. The other has two low buildings where the boys have their rooms. has two buildings. The girls building shares the same courtyard as the school and the boys also come there to play football. The boys' building has a garden but too small for any play. During break time, boys and girls take turns in the courtyard to play.

The courtyard has some trees and a space dedicated to cooking: every sunday dried wood and leaves from the home is used to cook lunch.

During the week, the children take part in different activities and chores. They are very autonomous and help with cooking, cleaning their rooms and the common areas. During breaks they enjoy outdoor games like Kho Kho, Pictu and football. A volunteer often stays at Baksara and suggests craft activities. There is study time every week day and other activities during the week-end like dance and drawing lessons.



Sumi is a 6 years old always smiling girl. Her two parents are deaf. Despite this fact, she speaks a very clear Bengali.

Sumi is an incredibly strong and independent little girl. She wants to do everything by herself. She would like to help her family when she will be older, even though she is already doing it at present.

She always has many very interesting stories to tell and makes everyone happier. She is very dynamic and help others a lot.

We are so pleased to have her among us. She put smiles on everyone's face.

Thank you Sumi for your happiness !



Soïf is a 16 years old boy (with his mother on the picture). He has a very severe form of Down Syndrome and cannot speak or respond to others. However, other boys of the home manage to play with him a lot and to communicate with him.

Soïf is very funny, making us laugh all day long. He loves to dance and everytime we put music, he gets up straight away. He has very nice moves and can twist his body in a very harmonious way while dancing.

Soït taught us a lot about communication. We do not need to speak, or to point. We can speak without words and sometimes communication is even better. The connection he has with other boys is incredible and shows us life is only about love and compassion.

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Ranguila is responsible for girls section in Ashaneer Home. She has been with us for 7 years now. She works along with Gloria di, our home in-charge. They are an incredible duet, perfectly completing each other. Ranguila is from Birbhum.

She is a very hard worker. She is devoted to the children and helps them by giving the best working and living condition in the home.

She loves to laugh. She always smiles and turn every situation into positive.

Her impact on the home, the children and HSP in general is unmeasurable

Thank you didi for everything !

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