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Through workshops and vocational training, we want to restore through work, the dignity of the disabled and the destitute

After 10


In our homes, children can stay until they pass the Madhyamik class X exam.

With After 10, we encourage every child leaving HSP to finish the last two years of high school while studying from their own houses.

Those who wish to pursue their studies can have their tuition costs covered.

The programme also supports destitute and orphan children who did not stay in our homes.

We have been supporting more than 70 children and young adults for their rehabilitation in the society: vocational training, nurse and teacher training, BA, MA...



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To empower the communities, we dispense awareness sessions both in the slums with our SMCS programme, and in our homes with the parents of the children.

We focus on basic health and hygiene measures, give insights on the daily child routine, on the food needed for proper development, on screen exposure and some actions for a proper emotional balance.

We also provide some knowledge and try to facilitate the access to the government schemes, mostly designed for girls.


Batik workshop

Founded in 1978

3 staff

Located in Howrah, the workshop uses the traditionnal Batik dyeing technique to produce table clothes, bed sheets, Churidar tops, wall hangings, blouse piece, etc.

One piece alone can take up to one month to be ready, due to the different colour layers needed.

More than 200 pieces are produced per year.

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Jute, candles and incense

Founded in 1982

7 women

In Maria Basti Home, Jalpaiguri, physically and / or mentally challenged women spend their whole life.

They work following their capabilities to produce objects from jute, they also make candles and incense items. The products of the sales helps them to provide for the home.

Knitting workshop

Founded in 2003

2 staff

Located in Howrah, the knitting workshop produces sweaters, mufflers, tops and other warm items, all in vibrant joyful colours.

The items are sold or serve the needs of the different homes.

Around a 100 items are produced every year.

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Founded in 1992

3 staff

Two workshops, one in Howrah and one in Jalpaiguri cater to the needs of the children from the various homes by producing ankle foot orthosis, gaiters, special chairs, splints, belts, surgical shoes, strap sandals, etc.

Each piece is designed for a specific child and their needs. Outdoor children can also benefit from the workshop.

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