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In our rehabilitation homes, children are protected,

receive adequate nutrition,

go to school and live a better life

Howrah branch

Howrah Ashaneer Lalkuthi

Founded in 2004

60 children

9 staff

Ashaneer saint Mary's Home is specialized in mentally challenged, orthopedically handicapped and socially destitute children.

EPN Home

Founded in 1981

60 children

8 staff

EPN Home was established for socially destitute boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old.

Lalkuthi Home

Founded in 1984

40 girls

6 staff

Lalkuthi Home for girls is welcoming orthopedically disabled and socially challenged, mentally challenged, destitute girls from 6 to 18 years.

Baxara 20191215_144241.jpg
Baxara Home

Founded in 1993

75 children

6 staff

Baxara Home was built together with a complex including housing for the families and a school. It specializes in welcoming Socially Challenged children, boys and girls, from 8 to 18 years. A few mental and physical disabled children are also present.

Howrah EPN Baxara

Jalpaiguri branch

Jalpaiguri Jordighi Maria Basti
Jordighi 20190506_220516.jpg
Jordighi Home

Founded in 1987 

25 boys

6 staff

This home is for the rehabilitation and education of differently able children coming from poor and marginalized families. Children are mainly orthopedically challenged (cerebral palsy, congenital malformation) and socially challenged boys, age group from 10+ to 18 years and reside in three units according to their age and class.

Mograndangi 20181121_113458.jpg
Mogradangi Home

Founded in 1983

34 boys

9 staff

This home was founded in a small village. and hosts 58 children, boys and girls, orthopedically and socially challenged. They study in Shanti Rani Primary School within the campus. 46 are differently able and 12 socially challenged.

Maria Basti 20190428_214639.jpg
Maria Basti Home

Founded in 1982

11 women

7 staff

It hosts 11 challenged girls of 15 years and more, of whom 9 are orphans. Most of them have multiple disabilities, epilepsy and some are severely handicapped. Residents of this home do a lot of activities such as taking care of animals like goats, assisting in the vegetable garden, taking part in the vocational activities like jute work, candle making, incense making, and embroidery.

Bakuabari Home

Founded in 1986

62 girls & adults

16 staff

It is a special home for mentally challenged, cerebral palsy, multiple disability, autistic and slow learning children of 5 to 12 years old. There are three communities: Jevan Path (1986), Nirmala Nivas (1989) and Ananda Dhara (2000). Ananda Dhara is for the big girls while Nirmala Nivas is for the small girls. The children who need special care go to Manus Domini Special School attached to the home. On the other side of the road, stands Jevan Path community, adults mentally disabled. They have their own activities in Dosh Biga center (2007).

Jalpaiguri Mogradangi Bakuabari
Asansol Home

Asansol branch

Asansol 20170830_130212.jpg
Kalipathar Home

Founded in 2012 

75 children

5 staff

Anand Bhavan Home was founded originally for the children of the leper colony called shantinagar, held by the mc sisters of Mother Teresa. There are 75 children in our home, 44 girls and 31 boys. The children are from tribal, poor and handicapped affected families.

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