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We do not seek for exclusive education

but inclusive education. 

Any child can succeed if we believe in him.

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Vidyalaya School

Founded in 1993

376 children

14 teachers

Baxara Vidyalaya school was established together with a Social complex, including Colony housing, School and Home. Medium of education is Hindi,  from class V to class X.

EPN School

Founded in 1981

523 children

15 teachers

EPN Primary school was established in 1976. It is situated in the rural area of Howrah, close to the Hooghly river. Education medium is both Hindi and in Bengali from K.G. to class IV. 

Howrah branch: Formal School


Howrah branch: Non Formal & Special Schools

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Brickfield NF School

Founded in 2001

34 children

3 teachers

Bisco Brickfield was established as a Non Formal School for the children of brickfield workers migrants who are present only between the months of November and May, and thus are not able to have their children attend the formal school.

Bridge course NF School

Founded in 2008

46 children

4 teachers

The Non Formal School takes care of drop out children. Whenever they are able, they come back into the formal education system.

Prognalaya SP School

Founded in 2004

74 children

7 teachers

Founded in 2004, it is providing special education to mentally challenged and cerebral palsy children: physiotherapy, special education (language & communication development, concept formation, cognitive skill development, social skill development), psychotherapy, behavior therapy, speech therapy, training for daily living activities, play therapy, occupational skills development, recreational activities and development.

Ankurhati NF School

Founded in 2012

39 children

4 teachers

Non Formal School in Ankurhati has been founded in 2012. It has 6 hours classes, 6 days a week all year long and welcome boys and girls from 5 to 14 years old, mainly migrants children and dropout children.

Baksara NF School

Founded in 2006

18 children

3 teachers

Baksara Non Formal School is taking care of children from the area which are from a very poor family background, staying in temporary shelters made out of bamboo, plastic and tin.


Jalpaiguri branch : Formal School

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Shanti Rani School

Founded in 1981

606 children

14 teachers

Shanti Rani Primary FORMAL School was established in 1981 in Mogradangi village under the Rajganj Block of Jalpaiguri, adjacent to the children’s home. The handicapped children of Mogradangi Home and local children attend classes, from Nursery level to Class IV in Bengali Medium

Jalpaiguri branch : Non Formal & Special Schools

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Shikarpur NF School

Founded in 2010

66 children

3 staff

Shikarpur NON FORMAL School started in the year 2010 at Fatinga line, Shikarpur Tea Garden, to give support in education to children of Tea Garden workers.

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Manus Domini SP School

Founded in 1993

60 children

5 staff

Manus Domini SPECIAL school started in 1993 for the cerebral palsied, mentally challenged, multiple disabilities and autism children.


Asansol branch : Formal School

Kalipathar School

Founded in 2012

75 children

10 staff

Founded in 2012, Kalipathar school is a Hindi medium School. 53 children are studying in Classes KG to V. Other children are attending in other local schools, classes V to VIII. 

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