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About us

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The poor will not come to us

we have to go to them.

Our vision

To promote human development irrespective of cast, creed or religion, paying special attention to the depressed and weaker sections of the society.

To work for the integrated growth of the challenged and differently abled children, the sick and destitute through rehabilitation programs, specialized education, preventive and curative health activities.

Our mission

Our founder

Francis Laborde, from his very young age has been touched by the poorest and the destitute. He could easily say, like Mother Teresa, whom he has worked with: "by birth, I am French. I am an Indian citizen. I am a catholic priest. But my heart entirely belongs to Jesus and to the poorest"  

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The poor have so much to give us...

Our story


Founded in 1976, the association has gone through a number of developments, from the healthcare programme founded in 1977, the establishment in Jalpaiguri in 1982, the mobile dispensaries in 1998 up to the national award of 2013.

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