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Food relief: 2021 edition

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

As lockdowns severely affect the poorest, HSP is trying to help as much as possible. After providing first needs items on the day of Father Laurent Birthday, HSP kept reaching the poorest. On Saturday 12th of June, HSP went to Tollygunge, south Kolkata to give 160 bags. We helped another 50 families in Hogalkuria Parish in Jayanpur.

On June 15, we went to Canning, 24 pgs, to provide 100 more Relief packets.

On June 18, we hosted hundreds of families at Ashaneer Center for more relief.

On July 23, we have reached 1300 families.

Over the next weeks, we will keep going through towns and villages to help with food relief.

Thank you to all for your support. This could not happen without your help!

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