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Great News: Wedding time

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

On Friday, the 19th of February, we celebrated a wedding !

Priti Tirkey is one of our former school kids who had been welcomed by HSP when she was younger, as an orphan.

Her wedding gathered the children from our four Howrah Homes, with a total of 200 people attending. The atmosphere was incredible, it was a wonderful day.

The ceremony was led by a Hindou Priest, along with Father Laurent, who is Priti’s spiritual father and was representing Father Laborde

At the end of the wedding ceremony, all children gathered to throw flowers to the married couple. Following this ritual to celebrate the couple, everybody had a great lunch. The afternoon was full of joy with people dancing and playing in the garden.

Howrah South Point’s Family wishes the best to Priti and her husband for the future.

Priti remains one of our child and she will always be welcome at HSP !

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