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Visit of Father Lawrence in Jalpaiguri

Every year, Father Lawrence comes to Jalpaiguri for visit.

Because of the COVID-19 situation and the lockdown, Father Lawrence was not able to come earlier.

On 29th August 2020, Father Lawrence came for the happiness of everyone. He stayed at Bakuabari Home. In order to respect the COVID-19 measures, Father Lawrence, who came by plane from Howrah spend two weeks in quarantine away from the children.

Then, he spend two weeks with the girls and the staff. He helped the Class IX in Maths and the girls in English. He created with the little girls a map of the world, he draw it and the girls wrote names and put some colours on it. The girls are proud of their work.

We all played together with a ball, we sang together thank to Father and his guitar. He taught us a new song “All together now”. It was a really nice moment, a lot of fun and laugh for the girls. Father ate with the girls for lunch or dinner. They were happy to share this moment with him.

Father celebrated the Mass every day. The last day, he celebrated the mass “outside” in the garden so that the outside staff could also participate.

He visited the residents of Jeevan Path and celebrate Mass with them.

Father Lawrence visited all the center (Jordighi, Maria Basti and Mogradangi) as usual when he comes for visit.

Everybody enjoyed his visit and the children were very happy to see him again after a long time.

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