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Food packing at Ashaneer and EPN

During lockdown, following to the humanitarian emergency that has come up, HSP has decided to provide emergency help, although we are more used to running Homes or providing physical rehabilitation. In the backstage, food packing was required.

Mobilization at Ashaneer headquarters

In Ashaneer, food for 800 rations have been received. It means: 8 tons of rice, 4 tons of pulses, 1,8 tons of potatoes, 400 liters of oil... With the help of the maintenance team, SMCS, team and some other staff – even a little boy has participated – Dutta da and Nabaneeta di have managed to provide our distribution teams for the four next weeks.

Easy-going atmosphere at Ekprantanagar

In front of the emergency, in EPN we wanted to give help as soon as possible. Before delivery of food at Ashaneer, we decided to buy 85 rations for our beneficiaries nearby: the families of Bisco Brickfield, and some families living at NC Paul Pole close by. So all the staff, from Cintamoni to Roger da, including myself, have been packing all morning of 18th April. We experienced that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. The atmosphere was very joyful. In the early afternoon, we delivered the packs to the grateful families.

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