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HSP sustaining his beneficiaries on the edge of starvation

The sudden and ongoing lockdown in India has put many families in a tough economic situation. HSP has listened to the call for help of these families.

In Jalpaiguri and Howrah, our small teams, still working although lockdown is going on, with the help of German Doctors and other donors, has started an Emergency Food Relief for beneficiaries from our Homes, Schools, Programmes or even from different slums from where desperate calls have been made to us.


In Shikarpur, the teams of Jalpaiguri, leaded by Devidi have provided to 75 families of our  Shikarpur students and outdoor handicapped beneficiaries. Food grain and potatoes have been provided, all packets being prepared by our staff, with the help of the children.

Coal depot slum

In the Coal Depot slum, under the new bridge of Howrah, our team of SMCS led by Mallika, a programme to help young mothers and children under the age of 3, has been distributing around 180 rations our beneficiaries, some from this programme, some other from our Homes. All rations have been packed by a team led by Dutta da and Nabaneeta di at Ashaneer. More than 15 tons of food have arrived for such purpose. 

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