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Inauguration of the new EPN center

On the 28th of September, we had the joy to organize the inauguration of our brand new center of Ekprantanagar. We invited some staff and children from each Home of Howrah. We also had the joy to welcome Father who was visiting Howrah and was happy to join us. He was very touched by the celebration given that he has spent some years in this center.

After a small gathering in the courtyard, a few girls from Baxarah opened the celebration by a small adivasi dance. We then blessed a new picture of Mother Mary and dedicated the center to Our Lady of Bon Voyage (known as our Lady of Bandel), who is represented on a boat. As we are very close to the River Hooghly, we feel that it makes sense for us. We had then a programme from all homes with very nice dance. After that we all gathered to inaugurate the new office. I had the joy to cut the red ribbon. Then we all gathered for a good lunch in the multipurpose hall.

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