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Olympic Games Jalpaiguri 2022

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

On February 19th was the HSP Jalpaiguri Annual Sports' Day, a memorable moment. It was like the opening ceremony of the real games: three children carried the Olympic flame and went around the field, inaugurating the HSP Jalpaiguri 2022 Olympic Games. During the opening, the little girls performed a dance. The different disciplines were adapted to each group. The different game were: the passing ball game, the potato-spoon race, backwards dadas race, blind race, ball and bottle game... as well as dances. Then we had a magnificent concert by the boys led by our brother Emmanuel. Maël, the head of the MEPs volunteers in Paris made the trip to visit us. We then had a good meal to regain strength. In the afternoon, the sports games started again. At the end of each event, the first three were rewarded! The first ones received a big plate, the second ones a small plate and the third ones a glass and all the others a bati (bowl). For other events, the first prize was a large bucket for washing and laundry, the second prize was a small bucket and the third places received water bowls. Previous to the event, all the didis and dadas organized and prepared everything. We started by drawing the racetrack with white powder on the ground. Then the dadas built bamboo stands covered with tarpaulins for the children, as well as a shelter for the jury. Then the decoration, we cut out garlands, blew up balloons, hung up children's drawings, built a podium ... Finally we formed the teams according to the level of each one. This ceremony/day was a long process as it took 3 days to prepare everything. The involvement and dedication of the didis and dadas were priceless.

Thank you all for your support !

HSP Family

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