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For the poorest and the disabled

Howrah South Point is an Indian association taking care of the poorest of the poor, with a family spirit, serving the physically, mentally, socially challenged through rehabilitation, education and healthcare.


All together, with YOU, let us mobilize for the help of our brothers and sisters marginalized by a society that ignores or exploits the weakest. They have a lot to teach us and will enrich us with qualities without which we are not fully human”

Changing lives through loving care


With more than 40 years of experience,

in HSP we want to share our life with the handicapped of the society that we serve,

 working for them with

competence, loving care and compassion,

so that handicapped and destitute children,

all the deprived 

may reintegrate the society.

Our impact

Destitute children in our Homes
Young mothers helped in the slums
School children.png
Unprivileged children in our schools
Beneficiaries from health care
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